The almost-daily lemming

The almost-daily lemming

From Jo Loves, the Spring layered candle: “Unique to Jo Loves, Spring A Layered Candle combines three individual spring floral scents: one on top of the other. From the smooth citrus scent of Tahitian Gardenia, layered on top of the fresh, clean Orange Blossom to the final layer of sweet, floral Tuberose Blossom, it truly is an ode to spring”. £90 for 250 g at Jo Loves in the UK. Source link

Givenchy L’Interdit Tubereuse Noire ~ new fragrance :: Now Smell This

Givenchy L’Interdit Tubereuse Noire ~ new fragrance :: Now Smell This

Givenchy will launch L’Interdit Tubéreuse Noire, a new limited edition fragrance for women. L’Interdit Tubéreuse Noire is a flanker to the 2018 version of L’Interdit. (Last year’s model: L’Interdit Rouge Ultime.) At the heart of this limited-edition fragrance, the immaculate whiteness of sulphurous Tuberose conceals a devastating charm. One of the world’s most fragrant flowers, its heady, sensual scent conquers anyone who crosses its path… At the iconic heart of L’Interdit’s white bouquet, Indian Tuberose Absolute provides the addictive sillage of this new creation. Thanks to an extraction…

What It’s Like To Date A Professional Skincare


Elizabeth Grace Hand, the aesthetician and founder of New York facial studio Ställe Studios—a favorite of clients like influencer Alix Earle and gallerist Hannah Traore for its bespoke, treatment-focused approach—met her partner, Jon Folkesson, in 2019. It was Valentine’s Day and Hand had all but given up on dating. “I was 29, I had been dating in the city since I moved here for college at 19, and it was douchebag after douchebag after douchebag,” she says. “I was exhausted, but I liked my job and I liked my friends,…

Parfums de Marly Perseus ~ new fragrance :: Now Smell This

Parfums de Marly Perseus ~ new fragrance :: Now Smell This

French niche line Parfums de Marly has launched Perseus, a new fragrance. A refreshing, citrus-based creation for invigorating virtues, Parfums de Marly’s Perseus Eau de Parfum is a contemporary scent with notes of grapefruit and vetiver to uplift energy. Citrusy notes meet the elegance and power of a woody trail for refined and contrasting freshness. Additional notes include bergamot, blackcurrant bud, green mandarin, geranium, dry woods, cashmere wood and amber. Parfums de Marly Perseus available now at Saks, in 75 ($260) or 125 ($365) ml Eau de Parfum.…

Tuesday scent of the day 2/13 :: Now Smell This

Tuesday scent of the day 2/13 :: Now Smell This

Happy Fat Tuesday! It’s also World Radio Day. What fragrance are you wearing? I overslept this morning and I’m still trying to catch up…I will pick a fragrance later! Tea at the moment is Upton Christmas Tea. Reminder: 2/16 is  National Almond Day! You know what to do. And for those of you who like to plan ahead, see Scent of the day ~ Friday community projects 2024, where I’ll try (but usually fail) to have the next five or six weeks mapped out in advance. Note: top image is…

Sari Blakeley – State of the Planet

Dr. Sari Blakeley standing in the woods by Lamont

Sari Blakeley did not always dream of a career in science. In fact, when she was younger, her understanding of “science” always involved “people in lab coats pipetting liquids over a Bunsen burner.” Over time, her perspective on science shifted to one that embraced analytical thinking and a highly interdisciplinary approach. “I did not stay within one domain, which has helped me find questions that I wanted to dig into and spend time on,” she says. Now, as an associate research scientist at Columbia Climate School’s International Research Institute for…

30 Dairy-Free Dinner Recipes You Need to Bookmark

vegan red pepper pasta

Whether you’re dairy-free or not, incorporating dairy-free recipes into your diet can be beneficial for your skin, gut health, and overall wellness. But sometimes, even in our best efforts, sacrificing dairy can mean sacrificing some of your favorite foods or dishes—no fun. To those of you with and without dairy allergies, I present you with a list of dairy-free dinner recipes that ditch all of the dairy, but none of the delish. 30 Dairy-Free Dinner Recipes to Try This Week There’s a lot of beauty in these dairy-free dinner recipes.…

7 Vision Board Ideas to Manifest Your Dream Life

woman reading magazines on the floor

We’re several weeks into 2024, and y’all—my vision board is vision board-ing. Already, many of the intentions I set into place have taken shape, entering my life in surprising and unexpected ways. With my collaged Canva board set as my desktop, it’s an inspiring delight to encounter my hopes, dreams, and intentions as I start my work day. There’s a general theme of travel and creative experiences—centering my year on a life shaped by expanding my world in both a figurative and literal sense. I connected with the visuals organically,…

We Earthlings: Don’t Be a Hoarder, Reduce Food Waste

Don't be a hoarder, reduce.

Did you know that Americans waste more than 40% of the food produced annually? And stockpiling food, as many have done during the pandemic, often results in more food wasted. Don’t be a hoarder; buy only foods that you are sure you will use. Find tips about how to reduce food waste during the pandemic: Here’s What to Do Instead of Stockpiling Food During Coronavirus Print or share We Earthling posters to inspire others with your stories. Source link